Check the Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag (1)

If you’re following along with my daily infant activities, then your newborn is nearly a one-month-old! That likely means that even new moms and dads are beginning to venture out with baby, if they haven’t already. And for veteran parents, you’ve probably had to take baby everywhere since day 1! But chances are the fatigue is catching up to you after 4 weeks with little sleep, and it’s a good time to do inventory before you step out of the house… of the diaper bag that is.

Typically, I like to keep the diaper bag mostly ready to go, so it’s a no-brainer to leave the house fast. A few items need to go in and out, but others can always stay.

First, you’ll want a good bag, one with lots of interior pockets to easily fit diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and more. A lot of great bags come with a foldable diaper mat, which is a must for yucky Koala Care stations! I love my version from Land’s End.

Diaper Bag (2)

Once you have the bag, sort out the baby essentials, which can mostly live in the diaper bag and be restocked as needed. I keep a spare outfit (usually my least favorite outfit in Veronika’s current size) and only change it if it gets worn. Also of course are diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and plastic bags for disposal.

Diaper Bag (3)

Don’t forget older siblings, who may need a change of clothes, too, if still young. Bigger kids can get away with a water bottle and snack, which you can keep on hand. And throw in a snack for yourself, mama! All this takes energy.

Diaper Bag (4)

Extra credit goes for entertainment. Leave in an easy baby book or a favorite toy. Magazines are great for big kids, since they weigh almost nothing but include great entertainment.

Diaper Bag (5).JPG

Happy travels!

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