Break Open the Bubbles

Break Out Bubbles (5)

It’s been so long since Travis was in the bubble-loving phase of toddlerhood that I almost forgot about this classic with Veronika! So today, it was time to break out the bubbles.

I sat her up in a comfortable infant seat, and simply started sending them her way.

Break Out Bubbles (3)

She went from slightly confused to amazed!

Break Out Bubbles (4)

Travis remembered the fun and wanted in on the action, too!

Break Out Bubbles (6)

There’s no need for anything grandiose here; at this age, simply letting the bubbles waft down is enough, and will captive your baby. As they get older, get ready for the reaching and popping to begin!

Break Out Bubbles (7)

To continue the fun, we made sure to check out the bubble room at our local children’s museum. Travis was a great helper making huge bubbles for Veronika to marvel at, whether with wands or pulleys.

Break Out Bubbles (2)

Happy bubbling!

Break Out Bubbles (1)



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