Go to a Children’s Museum

Museum (1)

In my ongoing list of places you can take your baby right from the start, don’t rule out a children’s museum. Now that Veronika has had her first round of shots, I’m less leery of taking her to places like this that are full of other kids (and their germs). That said, do exercise good judgement in places where every kid touches everything; make sure big kids, little kids, and parents wash hands; wipe down any surfaces you’re unsure of; and otherwise, have fun!

You might not think an infant will get much out of a children’s museum, but think again. First, many museums have a designated area just for the littlest of the littles, so that’s where we headed first.

Museum (3)

Veronika had free reign in the “baby bathtub” over big trucks and cars, and big bright blocks. Big brother Travis loved making towers for her!

Museum (2)

Beyond this special space, her eyes were wide and amazed watching the big kids play, whether make-believe…

Museum (4)

…or with bubbles…

Museum (5)

…or with instruments.

Museum (8)

Sound exhibits are especially great for babies, since they will benefit from the experience without needing to manipulate anything. Travis and I had fun showing Veronika around a special sonic exhibit at our local museum.

Museum (7)

In sum, infants get in free, get to see and hear tons of new things, and will profit just from soaking in the atmosphere. What’s your favorite thing about your local children’s museum? Please share in the comments!


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