Baby Sit-Ups

Sit Ups (3).JPG

We’ve been working on strengthening Veronika’s little muscles in various cute ways, and I highly encourage you to add this method to the list!

Start with your infant lying on a soft surface in front of you.

Sit Ups (1)

I gave her a little count of three each time – 1, 2, 3…

Sit Ups (2)

….then gently and firmly grasped her hands and pulled upwards. Veronika grinned each time we repeated this motion!

Sit-Ups (4)

We paused at the top for big coos and smiles, then I gently lowered her back down.

Sit-Ups (5)

If your baby doesn’t have great head control yet, be sure to place one hand behind the head and neck on the way back down.

Do a few crunches, then rest! Seven minute abs just got a whole lot cuter.


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