Tasty Toes

Tasty Toes (6).JPG

Unless your child grows up to be a troupe member in Cirque du Soleil, chances are this is the only time that he or she will ever be able to get his or her toes into the mouth. So encourage this adorable action, and let them enjoy!

This morning, I pointed out her toes to Veronika, drawing attention to the lower digits by feeling them, naming them, and wiggling her toes for her.

Tasty Toes (1)

Next, I encouraged her to touch her toes, handing a foot to her just like I do with a toy. She held on right away!

Tasty Toes (2)

Gently bend your child’s legs until the feet are near the mouth. Nibble nibble!

Tasty Toes (4)

There are lots of other fun ways to draw attention to those cute toesies. Later in the day, we played games like “This Little Piggy”.

Tasty Toes (5)

Mid-afternoon, I caught her playing with her toes all by herself! Who knew feet could be so fun?

Tasty Toes (3)



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