Decoding Backwards Secret Messages

Decoding Backwards (5)

Mirror images of words are always fun, even for kids who are only just starting to read. This quick little activity was the latest in a series of ways Travis and I have found to pass along secret messages.

As always for a pre-reader, writing Travis’s name worked best. I carefully wrote the letters backwards, and then held it up to a hand mirror. “What does it say?” I asked.

Decoding Backwards (1)

After a moment of pondering, he exclaimed, “Travis!” with wonder.

Decoding Backwards (2)

He immediately wanted to see more “secret” words so I made pages with a few sight words. Adults, you may want to practice a few times first; you’ll note my “c” in cat wasn’t right. This backwards stuff is hard!

Decoding Backwards (3)

Older kids will have a blast passing real secret messages to each other, and discovering full sentences in the mirror. Travis just loved the reflections even without literacy; he wanted to make scribbles and see how they looked, when presented in reverse form.

Decoding Backwards (4)

Good sleuthing fun!


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