Daily Read

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I remember searching once for a daily newspaper for two-year-olds, back when Travis was a toddler; I couldn’t wait to start him on a life-long love of the news, ha! Well, this adorable little moving picture page is almost like a daily newspaper for infants. Change the pictures up as often as you like. Perhaps a “weekly digest” is the right speed to entertain your little one!

All you need is construction paper, poster putty, and a few old magazines. Look for pictures of common items in the magazines, like shoes, cars, food, books, animals, or other common things your baby will recognize, and cut them out.

Daily Read (3)

I arranged a few of the pictures around the edges of a piece of construction paper, attaching with the poster putty.

Daily Read (1)

We put a big picture of Veronika in the middle, then sat down together to go over the “news”!

Daily Read (5)

As we went over each picture, I named the item, or a feature about it, like its color or shape. A few days later, we repeated with a new set of the clipped pictures. This way, her daily news keeps changing.

Daily Read (7)

What pictures did you find to post? Please share in the comments!

Daily Read (6)

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