Visit a Home Store or Show

Home Show (1)

I haven’t featured a field trip with baby in a while, and it was time to include a new destination – home stores!

Whether its an actual home expo or just shopping at a home store at your local mall, these venues are perfect for exposing baby to familiar sights and vocabulary expansion.

As we walked around, I named common items for Veronika. “Bed” is an obvious good one of course.

Home Show (4)

Or couch, or chair, or table.

Home Show (2)

She was wide awake and seemed fascinated by the light fixtures overhead. And seemed right at home in the baby section.

Home Show (5)

And if baby falls asleep, no worries – you can still get some shopping done!

Home Show (3)

Then, if there is one near you, check out a home show or expo. These are more of a vendor-driven event where your little one will be equally entertained by home appliances or demos.

Home Show (1)

Truly everything was visually fascinating to Veronika. Check out the laundry machines!

Home Show (3).jpg

Ooh, tile samples were pretty.

Home Show (4)

And big brother got a lollipop.

Home Show (2)

In sum, the perfect way to entertain baby and get out for a bit.


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