Messy Play

Messy Play (5)

Veronika’s old enough now for her first messy sensory play, and this little game is a baby’s first introduction to ooblek!

As a reminder, “ooblek” is a fantastic substance that acts like a liquid in some circumstances, and a solid in others.

To make a very basic version, combine 1 cup cornstarch and 1/2 cup water in a bowl. Add just a few drops of natural food coloring.

Messy Play (1)

I sat Veronika down in her high chair – with sleeves rolled up and bib on! – and got ready for the mess.

Messy Play (2)

Drip some of the mixture onto the highchair tray. It will drip like a liquid, but solidify once on the tray. You can run your finger through it, and leave neat designs.

Messy Play (3)

She seemed hesitant at first, which surprised me; this is a girl who loves to get her hands in her food. But soon, her little fingers were squishing through the mixture.

Messy Play (6)

I very gently spooned some right into her fist. She squished and squeezed!

Messy Play (4)

Ooblek is fun!

Messy Play (7)

What sensory play does your baby like? Please share in the comments!

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