Bath-time Fun!

Bathtub Fun (3)

Two months ago, I posted about Veronika’s switch to the big girl tub (well, big baby tub anyway). Now that she’s able to sit up for short spells on her own, we can make bathtime even more fun! As always, never leave your baby unattended in the tub, even for a moment, and keep a supporting hand on a baby even once they’re able to sit; everything is slipperier in the water!

One great new toy we have is a puppet washcloth. You can find these adorable washcloths with animal heads just about anywhere (ours is from Target), and they make bathtime truly entertaining. Veronika’s little fox likes giving kisses to toes and knees and tummies!

Bathtub Fun (2)

She also loves to pat at the bubbles in the water.

Bathtub Fun (5)

I pat my hand in the bubbles to add to the fun. You can do this rhythmically along to a song or nursery rhyme. Row Row Row Your Boat is a go-to in our tub.

Bathtub Fun (4)

And as always, she has her plastic tub toys to play with; she’s getting much more dexterous at holding them even with slippery hands.

Bathtub Fun (7)

At this age, I recommend skipping any fancy battery-operated toys. As long as its plastic and watertight, it can join baby in the water.

Bathtub Fun (8)

Happy bathing!

Bathtub Fun (6)


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