Eggheads (5)

Got leftover plastic Easter eggs? We’ve got you covered! This cute little gardening project will use up any spares you have lying around.

We borrowed a real egg carton from the festivities at a relative’s house, and took it home to set up the project.

Twist plastic eggs until the top breaks off. Discard the tops and draw faces on the bottom. I gave Travis free reign for this part, and loved seeing the “expressions” he came up with.

Eggheads (1)

Next, we scooped potting soil into each egg. Cover your work surface because this part might get messy!

Eggheads (2)

Sprinkle a little grass seed into each egg.

Eggheads (3)

Now place them somewhere sunny and wait! Be sure to water daily. I’ll update this post when our “eggheads” sprout “hair”!

Eggheads (4)

Update: Our heads have hair! How adorable are these little eggheads?

Eggheads alt.JPG

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