Have a Play Date at Home

Play Date (2)

One thing little babies often see very little of? Other little babies!

This can be true whether your child is your first born, and thus most often in the company of adults, or if he or she is a second child, who gets to see lots of big kids, but probably not so many small ones.

One great way to introduce your baby to another baby is to host a playdate at home – this will be much less overwhelming than a group class, even though there are plenty of organized activities at local libraries or gyms for babies about 6 months and older.

So today, Veronika and I played hostess!

The babies loved checking each other out, reaching out cautious hands and staring at each other with big smiles. Hey, somebody else my size! Veronika seemed to say.

Play Date (1)

We set up a bigger-than-usual tummy time station with some favorite toys where the two babies could look at each other as they got in their exercise and play – built in visual stimulation!

Play Date (3)

It turns out Veronika was fussier than normal during our playdate, perhaps sensing that something was different. But eventually both babies were contentedly playing on mommy’s laps, chewing on toys and vocalizing to each other. Perhaps they even understand each other’s gurgles and coos!

Meanwhile this is a great way for you as a parent to connect one-on-one with a family member or friend whose child is close in age to yours. I guarantee that you will have lots to bond about!


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