Moon Crater Experiment

Moon Craters (9).JPG

Travis loves learning about the moon, and specifically how its craters were made. Okay, so this “experiment” isn’t exactly accurate, but your kids will have a blast launching “asteroids” at the moon surface to make holes!

To make our moon, Travis first poured 4 cups flour into a cake pan.

Moon Craters (1)

Add 1/2 cup baby oil and mix until the mixture holds together; we found that hands worked better than a spoon for this purpose. Now we had moon dust!

Moon Craters (2)

Next we headed outside to the “asteroid belt!” My proud astronaut discovered a trove of pebbles and very carefully selected some to bring inside.

Moon Craters (4)

Place your moon cake pan on a layer of newspaper to avoid any mess. Wouldn’t you know, there was an ad featuring a view of Earth from the moon!

Moon Craters (7)

Travis began launching our “asteroids” one at a time.

Moon Craters (5)

He discovered that pressing the pebbles in a bit made a better crater than simply dropping them, and experimented with the difference between dropping them from up close versus up high.

Moon Craters (6)

That’s one small drop for a boy, one giant leap for imagination.

Moon Craters (8)

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