Photo Fun

Photo Fun (6)

School pictures are in this year for big brother Travis, which reminded me that I don’t have an annual photo yet of Veronika to capture time in the same way. So as I picked out frames for Travis’s photos this year, I made sure to include a few fun photo ideas for Veronika!

Find a picture that you love (I chose a shot from her first birthday), and have wallet-sized prints made at your local drugstore. Insert into mini frames, alongside the professional portraits of older sibs.

Photo Fun (1)

The perfect thing to brighten up my kitchen window!

Photo Fun (2)

For some additional photo fun, I also had prints made of family members at a recent wedding, and used Mod Podge to adhere these around an 8×10 inch frame (make sure you choose a frame with a flat front, and no raised bumps).

Photo Fun (3)

Fill in any blank spaces with cute prints or pictures from kids’ magazines. Now you have a crazy collage that can frame a recent favorite picture of your baby.

Photo Fun (4)

As time goes by, you can make a collection of these annual portraits. You could even keep them all in the same mini frame, one atop another, so you can flip back through the memories when nostalgia strikes.

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