Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up (6).JPG

If you’ve noticed that your toddler’s favorite part of opening presents is the wrapping paper itself, you’re not alone. Babies and toddlers love the feeling of paper, the crinkly sounds it makes, and of course just ripping things open. So keep up the fun with this quick game.

Use leftover wrapping paper to randomly wrap a few old toys. It’s not what’s inside that matters here, but the fun of getting to it!

Wrap It Up (1)

I selected a few of Veronika’s toys and wrapped them loosely, using just a little tape on each. You can even leave a bit of the toy showing, since this helps your little one understand that there is a toy inside.

Wrap It Up (2)

At first Veronika was most interested in the roll of tape, which didn’t surprise me.

Wrap It Up (3)

Then I encouraged her to pull back sheets of the paper. She loved tearing at it, once she got the idea.

Wrap It Up (4)

Old toys seem new again, when they’re revealed like this! You could even turn this into a regular game if it ever seems like your toddler needs a refresher on fun around the house.

Wrap It Up (9)

For extra fun, we wadded up the wrapping paper once the gifts were open, and tossed these balls into a “basket”.

Wrap It Up (5)

The fun here is almost limitless!

Wrap It Up (8)