Stacking/Nesting Cups

Stacking Cups (1)

Today I simply took some time to concentrate with Veronika on one particular type of toy: stacking cups. She has several versions of these, whether round rings and cups or square boxes, all of which can stack together or – the opposite – nest inside each other.

I set out the different sets around her and cleared other toys from the area so she could concentrate on these.

Stacking Cups (2)

She is very drawn to nesting items, in particular, and loves finding ways to put the smaller cups in the bigger ones, or finding other containers that the cups can fit inside of.

Stacking Cups (3)

Then we concentrated on the opposite: stacking a few blocks up.

Stacking Cups (7)

No worries if your little one mixes and matches sets; Veronika loved balancing the nesting cups on top of the stacked boxes!  Then she mixed in the other direction, nesting the smallest box inside the cups.

Stacking Cups (4)

These toys are great for brain development and motor skills and require no fancy set up. I love knowing that the toys will grow with her, some day able to make towers of her own without mommy’s help!

Stacking Cups (6)