Magnets on a Cookie Sheet

Magnets and Tray (3).JPG

Veronika is finally old enough that I’m comfortable letting her play with magnets; I hesitated even to give her large ones, previously, since she liked to put everything in her mouth. Now, it’s her hands that are busy, and this is a classic toddler activity that will entertain your little one for ages!

I set out a round cookie sheet and gave Veronika an assortment of magnets. These included a set of letter magnets as well as some chunky fruit-and-vegetable magnets we have.

Magnets and Tray (7)

Picking up the magnets is great for exercising little finger muscles. Then there’s that element of magic for kids when they feel the pull of the metal cookie sheet attracting the magnets back on.

Magnets and Tray (8)

She had fun simply taking the magnets on and off for a while. You can also make things a little educational by spelling out a few simple words, or sorting magnets by color.

Magnets and Tray (4)

But mostly, I just let Veronika have free reign with this one.

Magnets and Tray (1)

Big brother jumped in to helpfully spell out some words, too!

Magnets and Tray (6)

How do you like to play with magnets at home? Please share in the comments!

Magnets and Tray (5)


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