Straws in a Bottle

Straws in Bottle (1)

Looking for a quick and portable way to entertain a toddler? This game takes up no space at all, which makes it ideal for airplanes, dinner tables, or just on the floor at home in a pinch.

I used a clear empty water bottle and gave Veronika an assortment of colored straws that she could place inside. Bright colors make this particularly fun, so we used turquoise and sparkly ones.

Of course first she just wanted to screw the bottle cap on and off.

Straws in Bottle (3)

Then I showed her how to aim one straw at the bottle at a time and drop it inside; letting go is equally a part of the lesson here. Veronika got the hang of it quickly!

Straws in Bottle (5)

She loved fitting in all the straws…

Straws in Bottle (7)

…after which there was the fun off dumping them back out.

Straws in Bottle (8)

When the bottle was full of straws, we could put on the cap and shake it like a maraca.

Straws in Bottle (9)

Then you can dump and start all over again, making this the game that keeps on going. Later she found other toys around her playroom to slot the straws into.

Straws in Bottle (10)

There’s tons of fun to be had here, with the lowest tech components possible.

Straws in Bottle (4)

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