Sticky Step

Sticky Step (3)

Veronika is so close to walking, but still walks very stiff-legged when she holds our hands, her knees barely bending. This activity will not only delight your toddler, but is also great for strengthening those little leg muscles and encourage high stepping!

Tape a piece of contact paper to the floor, sticky side up. The set-up itself was of course fascinating for Veronika, who loved “helping” with the tape.

Sticky Step (1)

I held her hands and helped her walk along the sticky surface. At first she looked so surprised, but once she saw my encouraging smile, she bravely marched across the contact paper, knees lifting high to pull up with each step. She kept looking back over her shoulder at me in delight, as if to say, “Mom do you feel this too?”

Sticky Step (2)

Have fun with the contact paper while it is out! It’s great for sticking on lightweight toys.

Sticky Step (6)

And she kept dabbling in placing her toes on it, as if just to make sure it was still sticky.

Sticky Step (5)

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