Cactus Toss

Cactus Toss (8).JPG

This game is sure to get laughs from your kids, and is a fun craft to boot!

Start by drawing two cactus shapes on green poster board, about 1 foot high. Older kids will have fun drawing these on their own; I did this part for Travis, who declared my cactus “clumsy”, which I thought was just about the best description in the world.

Cactus Toss (1)

Decorate the cactus with paint markers. I helped Travis think about how we could depict spikes and thorns, with lots of crosses and slash marks.

Cactus Toss (3)

Make a slit in the bottom of one cactus half and a slit in the top of the other so they can slot together. Add point values to each arm of the cactus, and glue pom poms on top.

Cactus Toss (5)

Time to play! To set up the cactus, place it in a clay dish. We added sand and rocks for desert authenticity.

Cactus Toss (6)

Twist pipe cleaners into circles for your playing pieces. I was yellow and Travis was red. Here’s the wind up…

Cactus Toss (7)

…and the toss!

Cactus Toss (9)

First player to 10 points wins. Travis was so proud when he hooked a 5 pointer on the top!


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