Clothespins + Empty Box

Clothespin Box (6)

This is one of those classic games for toddlers that checks all the boxes: only two supplies needed, great for fine motor skills, and endlessly entertaining.

For Veronika at 14-months-old, I used clothespins that simply slot on (without a hinge). Older toddlers can definitely work their pincher grip here with the kind that pinch open and shut!

I set a few of the clothespins along the rim of an empty stacking box, and she immediately began pulling them off and dumping them into the box. This was great fun!

Clothespin Box (2)

Soon she wanted to imitate my ability to hook the clothespins on. This took a bit more coordination, turning until the slot lined up just the right way. She was so proud when she made it work!

Clothespin Box (3)

It kept her busy and concentrating for quite some time.

Clothespin Box (5)

Another fantastic toddler activity that you can put together in a, well, pinch!

Clothespin Box (7)

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