Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt (3)

The purpose of this particular scavenger hunt for Travis, besides just the thrill of seeking for and finding a toy, was to use his directional words. He and I headed to the park with a plastic dinosaur along for company, and took turns guiding one another on the hunt!

For the first round, he hid the dinosaur while I counted to 20. I then asked him to guide me to the hiding spot using lots of descriptive words. Should I go forwards, left, or right?

Scavenger Hunt (1)

Should I look under the truck or inside it? Should I got around or in front of the tree?

Scavenger Hunt (2)

The idea with this particular hunt is not to trick the other person, but to be each other’s guide. It’s a great skill builder for kindergartners learning map reading skills.

Travis loved it so much he wanted to play multiple rounds. He was especially excited to find dinosaur high up in a tree one time!

Scavenger Hunt (4)

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