Rock Drop

Rock Drop (4)

Now that warm weather is here, I’m looking for easy ways to entertain Veronika out on our patio. This activity was perfect, and couldn’t get any easier. You just need a container for water plus rocks, whether those found directly in your yard, or treasures from a recent nature walk.

We have an inflatable tray that’s perfect for water play, so I blew that up and filled it with water. (Alternatively, use a baby wading pool or even just a tray with high sides for this activity).

I filled the tray from our watering can, which caught Veronika’s attention immediately.

Rock Drop (1)

She came trotting over to the pile of rocks I’d set next to the tray, and before the water was even all poured she picked up the first one. She knew what to do! Ka-plink! The first rock went in.

Rock Drop (2)

Ka-plunk. Followed by the second.

Rock Drop (3)

And she worked her way straight through the whole pile.

Rock Drop (5)

So then we pulled them out and piled them up and did it again! This kept her busy for a full half hour. I wish I could expound upon it and say we did anything more thrilling than that, but this was pure toddler heaven.

Rock Drop (6)

Rocks plus water, folks, that’s it!

Rock Drop (7)

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