“Play At Home” Sports

At Home Sports (6)

Are your kids antsy to play their favorite sports even during social distancing? These four easy ideas from Highlights magazine recreate four common sports with items you likely have on hand. Today Travis tested out all four.

First up was Basketball. We balled up socks into sock balls and took turns aiming at a small bucket.

At Home Sports (1)

Slam dunk!

At Home Sports (2)

Next up: Bowling. Arrange empty plastic water bottles on the ground and roll a tennis ball towards them.

At Home Sports (3)

This was Travis’s favorite of the games, and he loved playing with the empty bottles after, too!

At Home Sports (4)

Time for Golf! Turn small paper cups on their side and use a broom as your golf club to get a small golf or ping pong ball into the cup. Our course turned out to be a 3 par!

At Home Sports (5)

Finally, Gymnastics. Stretch a line of masking tape on the floor and practice walking one foot in front of the other as if you’re high up on a balance beam.

At Home Sports (8)

We definitely got in our physical fitness today!

At Home Sports (7)

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