Washing Toys Water Activity

Wash Toys (4)

Here’s one of the simplest yet best ways to keep a toddler happy: washing his or her own toys. Yup: between water, favorite toys, splashing, and imitating you the grown-up, this activity has it all!

And it couldn’t be easier. This morning while I needed to keep Veronika busy, I simply set out two basins, one with clean water and one with a tiny bit of soap added, along with a towel underneath to catch inevitable sloshing.

Then I added a few favorite toys that can get wet, including trucks, animals, and a dinosaur. Plus her unicorn, otherwise known around here as Sparkly Neigh.

Wash Toys (1)

She immediately fell to washing them. I had given her a tiny bristles brush meant to clean out straws, and this was a perfect for giving cow and sheep and Neigh a good scrubbing.

Wash Toys (2)

In between washing the toys, she also just loved splashing her hands in the water.

Wash Toys (3)

When she seemed about to tire of the game, I handed her a cloth, and she lovingly fell to drying everyone off!

Wash Toys (6)

Beyond just the fun of cleaning the toys, toddlers love games like this where they can feel like a little helper. As long as you don’t mind a little water on the floor, this is a great way to keep your toddler busy.

Wash Toys (5)

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