Make Me a Match

Make me a Match (1)

Veronika loves counting out two of any object, especially when we read books and look at the pictures. “One bicycle, two bicycle,” she might say or, “One bird, two bird.” So today I decided to give her a 3-D quiz on the same concept!

I put a variety of objects in a small box, making sure the items weren’t toys per se, including coasters, square magnatiles, empty paper towel tubes, and canning rings. I put one of each item in the box and then scattered the second from each set along a tape “trail” leading away from the box.

Make me a Match (2)

I called Veronika over to the box with excitement. “Here’s a coaster!” I said. “Can you find me a match?” “Match” was a new word in her vocabulary, so I rephrased my question in the way that was more familiar. “One coaster… Two coaster.” She looked where I pointed to the second and beamed with pride. Now she got it, and she set off down the road to make a match.

One canning ring…

Make me a Match (3)

Two canning rings!

Make me a Match (4)

One paper towel tube…

Make me a Match (5)

Two paper towel tubes! I see you!

Make me a Match (6)

In this way she aced every single item on the list.

Make me a Match (7)

This was a great little lesson for teaching the concept of a pair.

Make me a Match (8)

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