Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt

Paint Chip Scavenger (10)

We’ve played with paint chips outside on color hunts outside, but never used them inside before! This activity was a great one to pull out today the second that Travis declared, “I’m bored!”

I told him I had a hunt for him since we’ve been learning about pirates and treasure hunts lately. I have a pile of paint chips from the hardware store, so I punched holes in the corner of each and secured five together with a rubber band. Could he find an exact match for each of the five?

Paint Chip Scavenger (1)

Some were easy, and he proudly held up his sample right away. Ta da!

Paint Chip Scavenger (5)

Some I challenged him when the color didn’t seem close enough. Was that really the right shade of red? He hunted on until he had it right.

Paint Chip Scavenger (8)

When he’d finished the first five, he immediately wanted another 5-pack of colors!

Paint Chip Scavenger (7)

I gave him trickier shades this time.

Paint Chip Scavenger (3)

We really had to ponder when it came to a certain pink.

Paint Chip Scavenger (4)

But wouldn’t you know, when he placed his final chip down on the table at the end, he looked over at his plate and it was a perfect match!

Paint Chip Scavenger (6)

We’ll definitely play more rounds of this game in the future. You can also make it a race to see who finishes their 5-pack first, if two or more kids are playing.

Paint Chip Scavenger (9)

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