Craft-Stick Cars

Race Cars (5)

These little race cars the perfect old-school camp activity for a summer morning at home!

For the base of each car, line up 3 jumbo craft sticks. Trim two paper straws by about one-third, and line up perpendicular to the craft sticks an inch from each end. Use hot glue to attach.

Race Cars (1)

Hot glue the cap of a food pouch to a wooden skewer; let dry. Thread the skewer through one of the straws, trim the end, and hot glue another food cap.

Race Cars (2)

All of this hot glue work meant the set up was largely a grown-up project, but then Travis was in charge of designing the top of the car, adding a nice STEM element to the craft. Once he’d arranged the sticks as he wanted them, I hot glued them on.

Race Cars (4)

Time for a test drive!

Race Cars (6)

After the designing was done, it turned out that little sister Veronika enjoyed zooming the car around even more. So the whole family got to enjoy this one.

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