Animal Sort

Animal Sort (2)

Veronika loves playing with her stuffed animals (a favorite lately has been simply to climb in the crib with every single “stuffie” and have a blast in there). Today when we pulled out the stuffies, I decided to make it a little educational, too.

I encouraged Veronika to make two piles. Could she divide the animals into big and small? The idea of sorting is still tough for a 20-month-old, but she can identify whether a single stuffed animal is big or small.

So I started the two piles for her as an example, and then held the others up one at a time. “Where should this one go?” I asked her. “Is he big, or small?”

Animal Sort (1)

She made a little effort at this, but she was honestly more interested in making the sounds of each animal – hoots for owls, growls for bears, etc. So we decided to sort them differently: loud animals versus soft ones! Again I had to help with much of the sorting, but it was fun to make the noises for each animal as our piles grew larger.

Animal Sort (4)

Older toddlers and preschoolers will love this to, and maybe think of other ways to sort the animals. And of course, you’ll have a giant pile of stuffed animals to play in at the end.

Animal Sort (3)

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