Flying Saucers

Flying Discs (6)

Travis is just learning to toss a Frisbee, so today we played this quick take on H-O-R-S-E. I suspended a hoop from a tree (which was actually a play tunnel folded up, but it worked in a pinch), and then handed Travis the Frisbee.

Flying Discs (1)

Each player takes a turn tossing. If the disc goes through, the other player must make the shot from the same spot, else he or she earns a D. Continue play until somebody spells out D-I-S-C, and the other person wins!

Flying Discs (5)

The spelling element meant this game was not just physical activity, but also a quick learning activity!

Flying Discs (4)

Meanwhile Travis enjoyed honing his Frisbee skills. We’ll be playing this one again soon!

Flying Discs (3)

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