Pita Faces

Eggy Faces (3)

Even young chefs will dig putting this lunch together because they can do the slicing all by themselves. The secret? Don’t hand them a knife, but a piece of dental floss instead! Make sure you’re using unwaxed and unflavored floss for this activity, or you might wind up with a mint-flavored sandwich.

First, I showed Travis how he could slice easily through a few items, if he held the string of dental floss taut enough. It slid easily through tofu…

Eggy Faces (1)

…and a wheel of Miyoko’s soft cheese!

Eggy Faces (2)

Once he had slices, I let him decide how he was going to decorate a face for lunch. We toasted a pita, then added the following:

  • circles of the cheese for eyes
  • an avocado smile
  • a cucumber slice for a nose
  • celery for eyebrows
  • shredded carrots for hair

If your family eats eggs, the dental floss trick will work on those, too, and those would make fun eyes on the pita. What else goes on your Pita Face? Please share in the comments!


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