Mess-Free Carpet Doodles

Carpet Doodles (2)

If you have a toddler who loves to draw on walls and carpets, then you’ll love this mess-free way to make art together!

I headed upstairs with Veronika to the thickest carpet in the house, taking along a bag of cookie cutters and a few kitchen tools. It was time to see which ones left the best marks!

Carpet Doodles (4)

We went through the bag of cookie cutters and pressed each one into the carpet. Some left only faint marks, but some made a prominent impression in the carpet. The hands-down winner was a set of Christmas ornaments, which were able to leave deep impressions in fun shapes.

Carpet Doodles (6)

Other cookies cutters tended to work well, but the kitchen tools were hit or miss. The potato masher left a neat zig-zag, whereas other ones I thought might work (like a pastry blender) didn’t work at all.

Carpet Doodles (1)

An oval measuring cup worked well, at least!

Carpet Doodles (7)

Veronika’s favorite was a circular cookie cutter; it was easy for her to press this into the carpet and twist, leaving a deep circle print behind. She was so proud every time she saw the shape.

Carpet Doodles (3)

This was a cute way to pass the time on a gray day.

Carpet Doodles (5)

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