Tape Town

Tape City (8)

Here’s a classic activity I did with Travis as a toddler, and today it was Veronika’s turn!

All you need to create your town is colored painter’s tape and whatever toy cars you have in the house. I laid down two strips of tape and told Veronika it was a road. She very excitedly came to see. “Black car is driving!” she said.

Tape City (1)

The next thing we added was a parking lot. I designated little spaces with more strips of tape and she drove the cars in and out of the lot. 

Tape City (2)

From there it was fun to expand the town. Soon we had a parking garage…

Tape City (4)

…and a special spot for all her firetrucks.

Tape City (9)

There was quite a lot of traffic in town today!

Tape City (10)

At a certain point, she wanted to try making “roads” herself, so she became my helper with the tape.

Tape City (6)

We decided that the town needed people, too, so we added Duplo houses and figures. I loved the way that this extended her imaginative play and kept her busy for quite some time.

Tape City (7)

What would go in your toddler’s Tape Town? Please share in the comments!

Tape City (3)

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