Tape City

Tape CIty (8).JPG

Tape + cars is one of those classic games that never goes out of style. Simply grab a roll of painter’s tape, and turn your floor or carpet into roads and cities. I used to make these roads for Travis when he was a toddler, but this was the first time I put him in charge, and the results were fantastic!

For starters, we decided to lay our city out on mommy’s yoga mat, which added a new feel to the game. Travis began with long roads, and loved unrolling the tape.

Tape City (1)

Then he decided the road ended at a restaurant, so we needed a parking lot.

Tape City (6)

From there, his imagination was off and running! Soon we had an airport runway marked by cones…

Tape City (3)

A farm…

Tape City (4)

And he even decided we needed a swamp! Uh oh, hope the cars don’t drive in.

Tape City (5)

He had fun making side streets (venturing boldly off the yoga mat!), which then turned into roads that were blocked off for construction.

Tape City (7)

The tape might not have been as neat or precise as a grown-up’s lay out would be, but I loved seeing his engineering and creativity at work.

Tape City (2)

What will your child add to their tape city? Please share in the comments!

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