Make a Mini Troll

Troll Statue (5)

After reading in Highlights magazine about an artist who makes troll sculptures from wood and recycled materials, Travis was eager to make his own. A walk to a nearby beach was the perfect opportunity to collect pieces of bark, branches, and wood shavings on the ground.

Troll Statue (1)

We returned with a plastic bag full of pieces and now needed to design the troll! Travis loved setting this out, initially with the troll lying down.

Troll Statue (2)

He carefully arranged arms, legs, and a head.

Troll Statue (3)

I then used hot glue to make his creation stand up in 3D. We even added a little orange peel as a hat!

Troll Statue (4)

What a ferocious little troll it was, and a neat concept to boot.

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