DIY Sprinkler

DIY Sprinkler (3)

Childhood + summer + sprinklers pretty much never gets old, but if you need a quick sprinkler reboot after the umpteenth hot day of the summer, here’s a homemade version that will delight toddlers and big kids alike.

Use a hammer and nail to make holes in the bottom of an empty gallon water jug. I worried the plastic would be too thick, but this is actually remarkably easy to do. That said, the nail made very small holes so we did then widen them slightly with a rotary tool.

Toddler DIY Sprinkler (1)

To then transform it into a sprinkler, insert a hose, turn on the water and the water will rain down through the holes.

DIY Sprinkler (1)

I simply held this by hand, but you could also rig it up for lasting fun; anything tall like a basketball hoop or tree branch would work, in which case you might want duct tape to hold it all in place.

The kids loved to take turns holding it, too, turning it into almost a watering can over the bushes…

DIY Sprinkler (8)

…and sidewalk.

DIY Sprinkler (9)

Veronika loved stomping in the leftover puddles!

DIY Sprinkler (6)

Travis was thrilled he could make patches of mud.

DIY Sprinkler (7)

And of course they loved catching the water drops as they rained down.

DIY Sprinkler (2)

My kids are hesitant about actually jumping right under a sprinkler, but yours might want to shower directly under the spray!

DIY Sprinkler (5)

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