Scented Edible No-Cook Fingerpaint

Kool Aid FingerPaint (4)

All jokes aside, no we don’t drink the Kool-Aid around here. But sometimes for coloring craft projects, it’s the best option to achieve bold, bright colors. I knew Veronika would probably end up eating some of the “paint” for this craft, therefore, but a little doesn’t hurt!

To set up, spoon non-dairy yogurt onto plates or cups (I didn’t measure exactly, but would guess I used about 1/2 cup yogurt per color). Add a packet of Kool-Aid mix to each portion, and stir to combine.

Kool Aid FingerPaint (1)

I then dolloped smaller portions of the paint onto parchment paper in front of Veronika as her artist’s palette. I only made three colors, but you could easily set up a full rainbow!

Kool Aid FingerPaint (3)

I encouraged her to swish fingers through the paint and smear it over the craft paper I laid out. We turned the blobs into fun shapes like a yellow sun or a red flower.

Kool Aid FingerPaint (5)

Of course she did also very quickly discover that the paint was delicious. Which means we had some of this…

Kool Aid FingerPaint (10)

…but an equal amount of this.

Kool Aid FingerPaint (9)

Well, snack time and craft time were both taken care of!

Kool Aid FingerPaint (6)

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