Painting Bag

Painting Bag (4)

Here’s a quick variation on an old idea, a safe way to let a toddler paint with no mess. In the past, I’ve sealed paint in a zip-top bag for Veronika, but this time there was a secret piece of colored paper underneath. A colorful surprise was waiting with each line she made!

To set up, place a piece of colored construction paper in a gallon-sized zip-top bag. Squirt in paint, making sure it is a different color from the paper. The higher the contrast the better, like yellow paint with blue paper or green paint over red.

Painting Bag (1)

Seal the bag tightly, then show your toddler how to make marks in the squishy paint with a finger. The colored paper underneath will be revealed!

Painting Bag (3)

This definitely earned little sounds of surprise, and Veronika liked making shapes and wiggles appear. Of course she also just liked squishing it.

Painting Bag (7)

Or stepping on it.

Painting Bag (6)

Since she’s becoming more sophisticated with her own drawings and understanding of art, she also really enjoyed when I “painted” trucks or other recognizable shapes in the bag.

Mostly, though, I let her entertain herself with this one!

Painting Bag (5)

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