Squishy Bag

Squishy Bag (6)

Sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned way to entertain a toddler, and today this squishy bag was it. There is nothing fancy here, just good squishy fun.

The mixture inside is similar to a finger paint recipe I’ve made. Bring 3 cups water to a boil. Meanwhile, whisk together 4 tablespoons cornstarch and about 3 tablespoons water to form a paste. Add the cornstarch mixture to the boiling water and continue to cook for 1 to 2 minutes; the mixture will look like Vaseline.

Remove from heat and stir in food coloring. I divided my batch in half so Veronika could have red and green.

Squishy Bag (1)

Let cool slightly before transferring to zip-top plastic bags. Seal (I recommend duct tape along the top for added security) and then it’s time to play!

Squishy Bag (2)

I gave the bags to Veronika while the mixture inside was still warm, but not hot. Be sure to check the temperature with your own hand, first. This added a tiny temperature lesson to the activity.

Squishy Bag (3)

She really loved the way this one felt!

Squishy Bag (8)

She also was delighted when I showed her how to make shapes, which will linger for a few moments in the goo. A “V” for Veronika was easy.

Squishy Bag (5)

A star (her favorite shape) was a bit harder to make clearly, but she loved that we tried!

Squishy Bag (9)

Then I showed her how to hold the bags tightly at one corner and squeeze, which was a delight.

Squishy Bag (11)


Squishy Bag (12)

Eventually the mixture inside was completely cold, but she still enjoyed squishing about for a while. Next time I would do this particular sensory bag in snack-size zip-top baggies, as I think it would be easier for her hands.

Squishy Bag (7)

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