Porcupine Playdough

Porcupine Playdough (8)

Play dough is a great way to keep little hands busy no matter what, but if you want to add an extra element of fun, make it spiky… by designing little “porcupines”!

I cut paper straws into small pieces for this activity. You could also use craft sticks but I liked that I could vary the length of the straws. Some pieces were short and stubby and some were longer.

Porcupine Playdough (1)

Of course Veronika has no actual idea of what a porcupine is, but she sure does know that pushing straws into blobs of play dough was good fun!

Porcupine Playdough (2)

I demonstrated first, and she took right to it.

Porcupine Playdough (3)

Pulling them out was its own challenge, since the straws will stick a little. A good way to work those little muscles!

Porcupine Playdough (4)

She grew momentarily confused at one point when there was no where else to stick a straw in this play dough blob.

Porcupine Playdough (6)

Phew! I presented her with a new ball of play dough just in time!

Porcupine Playdough (5)

The game can easily continue with no more variation than this, but chances are it will turn into more free-form play dough play. Perfect for when big siblings are busy doing school work online!

Porcupine Playdough (9)

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