Toddler Brag Book

Toddler Brag Book (8)

The “brag” in the title of this post is meant in the best way possible; toddlers are so proud as they near two-years-old about people and things that are familiar favorites. Here is a homemade book that lets Veronika celebrate things she loves. And yes, she is so proud every time she leafs through it!

To set up, I cut pictures from an old homemade calendar featuring family member’s faces. I also added a few pictures of current favorites, like sorbet and stuffed animals.

Toddler Brag Book (1)

Glue each picture onto a rectangle of colored construction paper, then cover each page with clear contact paper for durability. Veronika loved being my helper as I worked!

Toddler Brag Book (3)

Punch holes in each page and secure together with string.

Toddler Brag Book (4)

It was time to read through her book. Veronika loved spotting faces (“It’s Mommy! It’s Daddy!” she exclaimed).

Toddler Brag Book (7)

“It’s Travis!” She seemed genuinely surprised and delighted each time. Note: This little book also just happens to be the right size for the car, so it’s a perfect way to keep her entertained en route to a favorite destination.

Toddler Brag Book (6)

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