Road Signs

Road Signs (1)

Travis is officially a bike rider! It’s an exciting milestone, but it also means it’s time for him to learn basic road safety. Here’s a fun game to help kids learn the signs they might encounter as they are out and about.

First up was a real bike ride, with the special assignment to pay attention to any signs he saw. Travis took note of several we passed, including stop and yield.

Road Signs (7)

I then printed out pictures of common signs; once we were home, we could role play! Travis buckled on his helmet (for safety of course…and little sister too!) and then the “bikes” were off. As I held up each of the signs, the kids had to do a corresponding action.

Green light meant jog forward.

Road Signs (3)

For a left turn arrow, he practiced making the left turn hand signal (arm straight out to the left) and spun circles to his left.

If I held up a right turn arrow, he made the right turn signal (left arm in an L pointing up) and spun to the right.

Road Signs (2)

Stop sign meant he stopped and made the stop hand signal (left arm in an L, pointing down).

The yield sign meant to look out for oncoming (little sister) traffic!

Road Signs (6)

He could only walk in one direction if I held up One Way.

And finally the favorite: if I held up the Slippery When Wet sign, it was time to wiggle and slip and slide!

Road Signs (4)

This was a great way to get kids thinking about road safety in an approachable and fun manner.

Road Signs (5)


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