Go Bowling

Go Bowling (4)

When there’s an extra two weeks of summer to fill because of coronavirus, it’s time for a Camp Mom field trip. What I really wanted was to take the kids out bowling, but the idea didn’t feel safe. What was Camp Mom to do?

Bring the bowling alley in!

There are so many ways you can bowl at home (empty bottles, glowing empty bottles, etc.), but for maximum impact, it was time to splurge. A giant unicorn bowling set cost as much as a single afternoon at the regular bowling alley, but this one will last us much longer.

Needless to say, the unicorns themselves were a pure delight.

Go Bowling (3)

As I inflated the set with a hand pump, the kids each grabbed one and began to run around. Travis paraded them and tossed them in the air. Veronika was about the same height as a unicorn, and would just run up to one and yell “whoa!” and then knock it over.

Go Bowling (1)

They loved holding them by the horn and trotting them around.

Go Bowling (2)

Once the set was fully inflated, we set the pins in a classic triangle, and took aim with a giant rainbow ball. Travis soon had the hang of rolling it…

Go Bowling (5)

…or kicking it.

Go Bowling (9)

He loved watching the unicorns topple! We played inside today while the grass was wet, but we’ll be heading outside with this one soon.

Go Bowling (7)


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