Bowl with Bottles

Bowl Bottles (1)

“Bowling” is a fantastic first sport for babies. Even before coordination develops for kicking, babies love to roll balls… and knock things over! So bowling is a natural choice.

Save your empty plastic bottles for a few days (our pins were recycled sparkling water bottles), and set them up. You can go as high as ten bottles in a classic bowling formation, but Veronika and I started with 3.

I set out a few toy balls and showed her how to aim for the bottles. She loved the crash they made when they knocked over!

Bowl Bottles (2)

Her favorite way to play was to take one bottle and use that to knock down another one.

Bowl Bottles (4)

But this still required coordination and forethought, so I loved her variation!

Bowl Bottles (5)

Hopefully she’ll work up to rolling the ball at the “pins” soon. We can even make it harder with a smaller ball as she gets older!

Bowl Bottles (3)

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