Off and On

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Simply taking off lids and putting them back on again is a delight for babies at Veronika’s age (13 months), and it can be fun simply to set your little one up with a lot of lidded items, a few toys, and watch them play!

To get Veronika started, I set out a saucepan with lid and lots of Tupperware with lids, some that twisted off and some that lifted off.

Off and On (1)

That would be enough right there, but for added amusement, I hid a few toys in the saucepan.

Off and On (2)

I also put a toy in a container with a screw-on lid. Leave lids like this relatively loose and your little one should be able to twist them off. I resisted the urge to jump in, and let Veronika problem solve by herself!

Off and On (7)

For some early learning color fun, I put color-coded stickers on the base and lids of two identical containers. I encouraged her to notice that orange went with orange and yellow with yellow.

Off and On (4)

I didn’t expect her to ace this test, of course, but was laying some groundwork! You can work up to lots of different color stickers as your one year old gets older.

Off and On (6)

What other types of containers with lids does your baby play with? Shoe boxes? Baby wipe containers? Please share favorites in the comments!

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