Do I Have a Story For You

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Veronika will not sit still for storytime, despite enticements like forts and cozy nooks; if your one-year-old is anything like mine, then you probably end up reading a book out loud while he or she scoots off to play!

So I’ve been looking for creative ways to weave storyteling into our day; it’s been a fantastic reminder that stories aren’t just in book. There is oral storytelling, too.

Take a day and practice using the moments around you as prompts for stories. Chances are you have lots of them stored in your memory, of things that have happened to you, whether factual or embellished. The more you dig, the easier this activity gets.

For example, the rain this morning had me remembering the time I ran through the streets of a French town in a warm summer rain to make it back to my hotel.

Have I Got a Story (2)

I told her the story as we drove, and she soon was babbling back. The point isn’t for your baby to understand the words, but to share these experiences and practice listening to language.

Have I Got a Story (1)

At the library, we paused before a mini diorama. I could use this to start a make-believe story of what was happening in the room… and also tell her the story of how I remembered looking at the same diorama as a little girl.

Have I Got a Story (5)

Quilts have stories that will stir your memories…

Have I Got a Story (4)

….and toys have stories that will stir your memories. How about that time I had a party at a pizza parlor when I was six!

Have I Got a Story (3)

In fact after a day of consciously doing this activity I loved it so much that I hope to make it a ritual as we drive in the car!