Harvest Coasters

Harvest Coasters (6).JPG

These coasters are a great project to have your kid feel involved in Thanksgiving prep, whether or you’re hosting and need extra coasters for guests, or whether you bring them as a hostess gift.

Harvest Coasters (2)

I helped Travis draw a few common fall fruits and veggies onto different colors of craft foam. He tackled a round red apple, while I made trickier shapes like a green bell pepper, yellow butternut squash, and orange pumpkin.

Harvest Coasters (1)

We added a few details like leaves and stems with marker, and cut out.

Harvest Coasters (3)

Cut circles from thin cardboard to fit the back of each shape and glue on with tacky glue.

Harvest Coasters (5)

Let dry completely before putting your festive drink on top.

Harvest Coasters (4)

Holiday nog anyone?

Harvest Coasters (7)

Mashed Potato Sculpture

Mashed Po Sculpture (2)

This is a great sensory activity… and a way to get your kid to try mashed potatoes!

Start with instant mashed potatoes as the base. Yes, you can bake and mash your own, but the instant stuff has a sticky quality that makes it better suited to this “art” project. I whipped up a batch using almond milk, Earth Balance butter, and the potato flakes, and then let it cool completely.

Mashed Po Sculpture (1)

When Veronika was finished with lunch, I spooned a huge heap of this onto her tray. She looked instantly delighted!

Mashed Po Sculpture (3)

Set out a few props to encourage the artistic process. Veronika received a measuring cup and spoon, and soon was scooping, digging, and poking holes in it.

Mashed Po Sculpture (8)

I showed her how to make a few “sculptural” elements, including round balls and little snakes.

Mashed Po Sculpture (4)

I tried for a little mashed potato snowman, but Veronika didn’t let him last long!

Mashed Po Sculpture (7)

And of course she discovered that little bites of the stuff was delicious. Eager fingers kept digging in for more, both to eat and to play!

Mashed Po Sculpture (5)