Get Down On All Fours

Get On Fours (4)

Recently in our music class, Veronika’s instructor had the grown-ups get down on all fours for a train song, and the looks of surprise and delight on the babies’ faces were priceless! So today, I did something similar with Veronika at home. When you get down to crawl on baby’s level, it not only makes him or her feel special, but it also leads to lots of fun.

First, it was big brother’s turn to crawl. I challenged them to a “race” towards a toy. You’ll notice that he crawled so fast I barely had time to get in a picture of the race!

Get On Fours (1)

But Veronika was undaunted and giddily crawled over to join him.

Get On Fours (2)

Next, I set up an obstacle course. She thought it was so silly to see mommy zig and zag through the pillows on my knees. The obstacle course led us up and over, so not only were we having fun on all fours together, but she got to practice her climbing skills.

Get On Fours (3)

Then I copied that train game from our music class, pushing a toy train around while I crawled behind it.

Get On Fours (5)

It was plain to see she loved it! Definitely consider this game if your baby is close to trading a crawl for a walk.

Get On Fours (6)

Pack a Purse

Pack a Purse (1)

Forget toys: Babies always want to use our grown-up things, whether that’s keys, cell phones, wallets, or anything else off-limits. Control that urge by safely packing up a purse that baby can go through, in this cute game.

I grabbed an old purse that was small enough for Veronika to hold easily. I filled it with “mommy” things like a pack of wipes, sunglasses, old store cards, and a spare set of keys. She immediately wanted to know what was in there!

Pack a Purse (2)

Ooh, wipes were fun!

Pack a Purse (3)

And sunglasses were a big hit.

Pack a Purse (4)

The more pockets the better. Veronika had to dig around a little to find the cards I’d hidden, and then loved playing with them.

Pack a Purse (5)

If you prefer, you can also buy little toy purses “just like mommy’s”. Veronika has a mini version with her own “cell phone” “car keys” and more!

Pack a Purse alt