Giraffe Cord Keeper

Giraffe Cord (7).JPG

Let’s face it: cords are a part of our kids lives these days, whether for tablets, toys, or any of a dozen other gadgets and games. This adorable cord keeper from Highlights magazine is the perfect way for Travis to wind up his favorite robot’s cord when it’s not charging.

To start, I drew a giraffe head and neck on thin cardboard (an old cereal box was perfect), and we glued it onto yellow felt. Let dry, then cut out.

Giraffe Cord (2)

I also cut out details from other colors of felt (big kids can do this themselves). We used brown for the nose and horns, orange for the ears, and a quirky purple for the giraffe’s spots!

Giraffe Cord (4)

Travis loved gluing everything down, especially a silly white tie.

Giraffe Cord (5)

Decorate with puffy paint for a few final touches. I loved the “smile” that Travis gave his giraffe.

Giraffe Cord (6)

Once dry, cut a slit in the giraffe’s neck. This is the notch to start winding your cord. Simply continue winding around the giraffe’s long neck until everything is nice and tidy.

Giraffe Cord alt.JPG

Where Game

Where Game (4).JPG

At her one year physical, the pediatrician asked if Veronika is pointing yet. This is one milestone she hasn’t hit, which isn’t a concern, but I realized it’s probably because I only rarely model the behavior. So today we played The Where Game!

This is the simplest game ever. Walk around any room in the house asking where things are. “Where is Veronika’s crib?” “Where is big brother’s bed?” “Where is the window?” As I asked each question, I pointed first and then exclaimed, “Here it is!”.

Where are her books? She found them.

Where Game (2)

When we were downstairs by the computer, I asked where it was. Her little hand began reaching out in a point, almost too fast to catch on camera. But she’s starting to ge tthe idea!

Where Game (1)