Teeth Brushing for Toddlers

Tooth Brushing (2)

With 8 teeth already, tooth brushing is part of the routine for Veronika now, and I love making this twice-daily activity fun for her. Setting up good dental habits early will serve your little one well over a lifetime, so it’s never too soon to start.

First things first: Make sure you have a fun toothbrush. Personally I love the Baby Banana brush. Other great starter options are ones that slip right over the adult’s finger, or even just a damp washcloth if no teeth have come through the gums yet.

Veronika loves her banana brush, and knows to anticipate our brushing routine. First up, we say hi to the baby in the mirror!

Tooth Brushing (1)

Next, I always sing a silly song. My favorite verse (to the tune of Row Your Boat) is:

“Brush brush brush your teeth.

Brush them every day.

Brush up and down and all around.

Keep cavities away.”

To vary things up, instead of singing you can tell a story. Today I gave each of her teeth a name, and told a silly story about them being ducklings who needing a bath. She might not have understood, but she smiled as we brushed!

Tooth Brushing (5)

If you want to demystify the process, give your little one a flashlight and have him or her shine it in your mouth.

Tooth Brushing (7)

Look at all those big grown up teeth.

Tooth Brushing (9)

Just for fun, it’s cute to hand over a toothbrush and let her have a turn at my teeth.

Tooth Brushing (4)

Finally, you can take pictures of teeth and then look at them together. You could even post these pictures into a little book for a story to read about teeth.

Tooth Brushing (8)

All of these simple activities will help your baby understand better what’s happening when it comes time to brush teeth.

Tooth Brushing (3)